Welcome to the Revolution!

“Those who reach for the stars
have no fear of the night.”

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Founder of the Earthlight Foundation which supports our specie’s higher calling of protecting and expanding the domain of life, honoring and evolving human civilization, and exploring and experiencing the Universe.

Founder, Chairman Emeritus of SpaceFund, funding the future by investing in high-growth startups addressing the multi-billion dollar space markets that will both enable and benefit from the space revolution.

Co-Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation dedicated–for nearly 4-decades–to opening the space frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible and ensuring that space is accessible to all through free enterprise.

Project Dreamscope is Earthlight Foundation’s “Moon shot” initiative of putting a telescope in every middle school on Earth to inspire the next generation of scientists, explorers, leaders, and builders of space.

Founder & Host of New Worlds, “the best little space conference on the Planet”, is where tomorrow’s Space Tribes meet today to challenge norms, spark fresh ideas, and lead the Space Revolution.

Host of the “Burning Man on a Rocket Ship” Space Cowboy Ball, uniting space pioneers and future leaders: Jeff Bezos, Gwynne Shotwell, Jared Isaacman, Frank White, Sian Proctor, Rod Roddenberry, and more.


Listen to 'The Space Revolution' with Rick Tumlinson – New Episodes Every Week

This weekly radio show is a rocket ride of insider conversations with the planet’s most influential people leading the human breakout into space. Hear from special guests like, Dylan Taylor (CEO of Voyager Space), Dr. Andrew Aldrin (President of the Aldrin Family Foundation & Program Coordinator of the Masters of Space Operations at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University), Peter Beck (CEO of Rocket Lab), and many more!

“It’s time to take a stand for the future.
Not in just words but actions.
It is time to step up and demand the Vision.
For by its realization, we all will win.”


Getting it right on the Moon: Let's not trash Tranquility

The Moon is entering a phase in which human activities will play a significant role in its natural history…

Return to the Moon: The race we have to win (again)

The simple fact to consider is, those who control the Moon will gain a lot of options when it comes to the future.

With space, failure isn't just an option — it's a requirement

The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner gets back up, learns from what they did wrong and does it again…


“A tour de force of oratory!”

– John Gordon, Director (How To Academy, London)

The Space Revolution:
The Purpose of People

The Space Revolution:
A History & Manifesto


“The opening of space to human development and settlement is the most important activity of the human species. From hope to health, from wonder to wealth, the environment, and the very act of living, space is the future.”


Global Space Policy Thought Leadership

A Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of Humanity in the Universe

It is the Inalienable Right of All Human (and sentient) Beings to go any place in the universe;

To do anything they choose to do,

To use any resources they may find,

To own the land or space on or within which they live, and

To establish homes, enterprises, and communities that are free to be governed by the inhabitants and citizens therein in any manner they see fit, within the parameters set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

So long as in so doing they do not;

Harm nor threaten the Earth, its life and people,

Harm nor interfere with any other human (or sentient) beings, their property, sacred or venerated places, or

Harm the ecosystems, or vital supporting environments of any other living creatures.

By our consent and agreement to these terms, We, the people of Earth, do declare and ratify our intention that the space beyond the Motherworld be considered Free

by all, for all, and to all.