Tim Wolf

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Matthew Lutz on multiple projects. He is deeply knowledgeable and skilled. More importantly, he truly understands the hero’s journey that each of our clients and their customers are on. The best thing about working with him… I always know I can trust him to do great work.”

David Muntner

“Need a Fractional CMO? Look no further than Matthew Lutz. Working with him is like catching lightning in a bottle: electrifying, inspiring, and a downright blast. Now, I’ve crossed paths with some bigwig marketers and branding agencies, but Lutz? He’s a whole other breed. The dude’s energy is contagious. Smart as a whip, a sprinkle … Read more

Matthew Cooke

“Matthew Lutz is the Wizard of Oz: the man with the plan behind the curtain. He is a true mastermind when it comes to building brands, marketing, being a thought partner, and getting shit done. You should hire him as a fractional CMO; He’s a really good leader for teams, and an incredible delegator, combining … Read more

Miranda Gray

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Matthew Lutz for over two years and several projects now, he is my immediate go-to for all CMO needs. ML isn’t afraid of getting into the nitty gritty and working endlessly to fully understand the scope and identity of each brand. My favorite meeting for each … Read more

Greg Habstritt

“For the last 14 years, whenever I’ve needed reliable and wise marketing advice, Matthew Lutz is the person I call first. He’s been my secret marketing weapon for a long time, responsible for a long list of significant marketing victories. Matthew has helped create several of the most successful brands I’ve worked with, and he … Read more

Heather Delfs

“Imagine merging the imagination of a Hollywood director with the marketing precision of a NASA scientist; that’s Matt Lutz. Working with him is like catching a ride on a supersonic jet of creativity and innovation! As our go-to fractional CMO, Matt’s been the maestro behind the curtain for multiple international brands and startups. He’s not … Read more