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Orphans of Apollo Trailer 2:24
The extraordinary true story of a rebel group of entrepreneurs who seized command of the Russian Mir Space Station. It was the pioneering efforts of these brave, free marketeer buinessmen who launched the New Space Revolution, and kick-started the privatization of outer space as we know it today. This is the greatest story never told, and one film you are not supposed to see.....

Rick Tumlinson talks about the new space frontier 9:55
Director Q&A at Orphans Of Apollo Los Angeles Premiere

Orphans of Apollo Director Q&A, part 2 9:41
The Los Angeles Premiere of the Documentary Orphans of Apollo Director Q&A

Orphans of Apollo Panel 3:48
I took part in a panel with some of the other MirCorp folks, including Rick Tumlinson and Orphans of Apollo producer Michael Potter at the director's screening of his documentary. It was a strange experience talking about the rise and fall of MirCorp.

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